With a focus on HIV/AIDS Services,
we’re able to provide more personal, in-depth care


With dedicated and trained pharmacist to everyday testing supplies, ScripX will support you every step of the way.

The CDC estimates that there are over one million Americans living with HIV/AIDS and the challenges those living with HIV face staying compliant with their medication therapy can be overwhelming. Even newly diagnosed HIV patients may require a complex regimen of medications and personal pharmaceutical care. While HIV is viewed more today as a chronic disease than as a fatal prognosis, compliance and resistance continue to play a key role in patient outcomes.

ScripX Pharmacy helps patients living with HIV/AIDS stay compliant on their medication regimens through adherence and compliance programs. ScripX also helps individuals determine alternative payers and assistance programs that can enable them to remain compliant. By these methods, and others, every day ScripX helps make people living with HIV/AIDS feel better.

What Physicians Demand

  • Prior authorization assistance: to allow you to focus on your patients instead of the process.
  • 340b/adap: ScripX services 340b eligible and adap approved patients for select geographic areas.
  • Single source for related issues: for your HIV/aids patients with related issues, ScripX also offers the necessary medications to combat symptoms and mitigate other treatment-related side effect.
  • Free delivery:  we can deliver medications to your office for medical billing or buy-and-bill purposes.

What Patients Deserve

  • Local: ScripX offers what no mail-order pharmacy can: one-on-one counseling, injection training, emergency medication management, and local pick-up or free home delivery.
  • Clinical expertise: a pharmacy should be more than a medication supplier. Our experienced pharmacists not only understand HIV/aids, they understand potential side effects and complications in managing co-infected individuals.
  • Reimbursement assistance: every patient deserves to receive the maximum benefit available from their insurance. ScripX pharmacists and technicians understand the sometimes-complex world of insurance and can help patients decrease their out-of-pocket expenses without delaying the start of therapy.
  • Financial assistance: for patients without adequate financial resources or insurance coverage, we work directly with foundations and manufactures to lessen the burden. This includes helping with co-pays, deductible assistance and dealing with the medicare part d “donut hole.”

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