Scripx Joins Hands with MedAvail in Buying MedCenter, Remote Medication Disposal Units, to Revolutionize Patient Access to Medication Across Texas

Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - August 23, 2023) - In a groundbreaking development, Scripx® Pharmacy, a leading independent pharmacy chain based in Dallas, TX, has teamed up with pharmacy technology company, MedAvail, to introduce the cutting-edge MedCenter® robotic dispensing technology, in order to provide patients across Texas with a safe and convenient option to access medications through Scripx pharmacy kiosks. By leveraging MedCenter, Scripx Pharmacy aims to revolutionize medication access and reduce wait times for patients, marking a new era in pharmaceutical services.

Scripx Pharmacy was founded with the vision of combining the convenience of a retail pharmacy with the delivery capabilities of a long-term care (LTC) pharmacy, embracing the growing trend of e-commerce. The company is dedicated to providing patients with a hassle-free pharmacy experience, including patient counseling, medication education, and a wide range of over-the-counter options - all within the comfort and safety of their homes; thereby removing common obstacles like waiting periods and subpar service often associated with traditional pharmacies. Scripx leverages cutting-edge technologies such as smart pill bottles, wearable devices, and virtual assistants to transcend the conventional medication delivery model, offering customers a seamless and efficient way to receive vital pharmaceuticals delivered right to their doorsteps.

MedAvail's MedCenter technology platform revolutionizes medication dispensing through exclusive kiosks, seamlessly integrated into patient-care information systems. Patients can virtually consult with a pharmacist and conveniently fill prescriptions right at the point of care, eliminating the need for a separate pharmacy visit and reducing wait times. The tailored formulary supports a wide range of medications, meeting specific clinical needs, while strict adherence to remote dispensing regulations prioritizes patient safety. With over 600 medications stored, the robotic system minimizes errors commonly associated with human-operated systems. Licensed health professionals oversee all regulated acts, ensuring patient well-being, and a contactless approach guarantees hygienic medication transfer. Patient privacy is strictly protected through HIPAA and PCI compliance, ensuring no data is stored on the machine. The MedCenter technology has received prestigious awards and found success in various healthcare settings, promoting medication adherence, and improving health outcomes.

Scripx integrating MedCenter units into urgent cares and other healthcare practices is set to transform the pharmacy experience, providing patients with a faster, more convenient, and technologically advanced approach to obtaining their medications. Scripx's goal is to continue expanding their partnerships into the growing urgent care market along with universities, large health care practices, and even large employer groups. Talking about what's to look forward to in the future the President of Scripx Pharmacy, explains:

"Medication adherence is something both physician groups and health plans really care about because it's a big factor in ensuring health and right treatments for patients. Looking ahead, our vision for Scripx is to team up with lots of urgent cares, large doctor offices, universities, hospitals, and other major employer groups to grow our network. While working hand in hand with these respected institutions, we aim to make medication access even better and bring top-notch pharmacy services to an even larger group of patients."

This partnership between two incredibly innovative organizations such as MedAvail and Scripx promises the delivery of exceptional pharmacy services to a wider patient community. This seamless and efficient pharmacy experience is certain to set a new standard in patient care and convenience in the coming days.

**Original article featured in Yahoo Finance.